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This page is used to inform parents of the craft their child did as well as any additional instructions.

October 21 craft

Halloween Cupcakes

Dracula and Frankenstein cupcakes were decorated, as well as a dirt cupcake with a realistic earthworm.  The other three included a spiderweb, a bat and a eyeball.  The kids experienced using fondant and making Dracula's fangs from marshmallows.  Since some of the younger kids would sneak in a few licks, I recommend refrigerating the cupcakes and eating them within 3 days.   

October 14 craft

Haunted House, spiders and paper craft

Each child assembled a small foam haunted house and added Halloween stickers to their house.  They also could create 4 colorful spiders using foam parts and pipe cleaners for legs.  They also were provided with a sheet of paper that contained 4 black rats that they could cut out and place in strategic locations at their house.  The remainder paper craft was folding Dracula to form a cootie catcher. 

October 7 craft

Paper mache pumpkin and skull and two glow lanterns 

Paper mache pumpkins and a Day of the Dead skull were painted.  After they were dry they used glow in the dark paint to embellish them.  The other craft involved making a mummy glow lantern and a jar with spiders and other creepy items that also will glow due to the LED light that they attached to the lid.  

September 16 crafts

Backpack keychains

The class selected a pendant of their choosing along with 5 coordinated bubblegum ball beads  They tied a slip knot to the pendant, threaded the beads in the order they selected, slipped the elastic beading thread around the lobster claw clasp, feed the elastic back down three more beads and then tied it off.  

For the personalized key chain they could spell out their name (or whatever name they wanted) along with another word that made them happy when they saw it.  


Supplies to create two different paper bookmarks were provided - troll and caramel apple

September 9 crafts

Stepping Stones - Final Instructions
  • Allow the stone to set for 24 hours.  

  • Turn the mold over onto a flat surface (I used the box that the stone is in) and lift up on the sides to release the stone.

  • Allow stone to cure for 24-48 hours before placing outdoors.

Optical Illusions/3d

Four different optical illusions/3d sheets were shown to your child.  Two of them could be colored in.  These sheets will be provided to them next class since we ran out of time during this session.

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